Mixing cement, sand, aggregate and water is both an art and a science. However, we pride ourselves on providing premix that meets the exact standards or engineering specs for your job.

Last year we retrofitted our silos and hoppers with computer controlled scales and switches to ensure that you get EXACTLY the mix and quantity that our client order, each and every time.

Not only has this resulted in even better quality concrete, but it also reduces wastage our our end (which is always a good thing).

Of course, this is just a sample news article.

But news articles do three really important things for your site.

  1. They tell the story of the business. Building the story of your brand is an essential element to being “sticky” in the marketplace. It gives your business depth and character, but more importantly it creates more reasons that people should be doing business with you.
  2. It creates more content on your site. This actually has a number of benefits. It gives the impression that you’re active and your site is current (in contrast think of a website that looks like it hasn’t been updated since 1999 and if you thought the information on that site was still credible or not). It creates more ways that Google can index your site (more pages that appear in Google means there’s more ways that people can find you via Google). The freshness/staleness of your website is one of the ranking factors (amongst tonnes of others) that Google looks at, so more fresh content generally leads to an increasing where you appear in Google.
  3. Businesses who create and publish more content on their websites generally look at their websites more often… they also find more ways to tweak the text on other pages, think about ways to increase the number or quality of leads coming via the website, etc. In other words, giving your website attention in one area often rubs off in a bunch of other positive ways.

That’s why I’ve included a sample article/post here. But I encourage you to think about other stories that you can tell too.

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